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Refund Policy for Photoshop Mastery Course

Thank you for your interest in the Photoshop Mastery Course. We want to ensure that you have a positive learning experience and are satisfied with your purchase. Please review our refund policy below:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that our Photoshop Mastery Course will meet your expectations and provide you with valuable knowledge and skills. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the course, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

  2. Refund Eligibility: To be eligible for a refund, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Submit a refund request within 10 days from the date of purchase.

    • Provide a valid reason for your dissatisfaction with the course.

    • Have actively participated in the course and completed at least 50% of the content.

  3. Refund Process: If you meet the refund eligibility criteria, please follow these steps to initiate the refund process:

    • Contact our customer support team at and inform them about your request for a refund.

    • Provide your order details, including the purchase date and transaction ID.

    • Clearly state your reason for requesting the refund.

    • Our customer support team will review your request and respond within 3-5 business days.

  4. Refund Options: If your refund request is approved, you will be eligible for one of the following options:

    • Full Refund: Receive a 90% refund of the course purchase price to your original payment method.

    • Credit Refund: Receive a full refund in the form of course credits, which can be applied towards any future purchases on our platform.

  5. Non-Refundable Items: The following items are non-refundable:

    • Any promotional offers or discounts provided at the time of purchase.

    • Any third-party fees or charges associated with the transaction.

    • Any additional resources or materials that were provided as supplementary content for the course.

  6. Course Access: Upon refund approval, your access to the Photoshop Mastery Course and any associated materials will be revoked.

  7. Modifications: We reserve the right to modify or update this refund policy at any time without prior notice. However, any changes made will not affect refund requests submitted prior to the modification.

Please note that this refund policy applies only to the Photoshop Mastery Course. Other courses or products offered on our platform may have separate refund policies.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at We are here to help you.


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